Rev. Alison Anton - author, healer, lecturer

Author Alison Anton

True Healing Book
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A how-to self-help mind-body guide for managing stress, trauma, disease, and pain

True Healing teaches you how to:

• Treat illness as your spiritual healing path
• See yourself as whole, no matter how broken your body feels
• Be “in the now” of your present experience
• Find the guiding hand of Spirit underneath your pain
• Experience your body as a divine container for Spirit

“Alison Anton’s True Healing will set anyone who suffers with chronic symptoms on an inner path to lasting relief. This book incorporates meditation techniques and real-world examples from Alison’s own life that help bring about the desired spiritual experience.”
– David Hoffmeister - Author of Unwinding Your Mind Back to God, Healing in Mind, and Awakening Through A Course In Miracles