Group Christ Healings

Group Christ Healings

Heal the split between body and Spirit. Offered monthly, by donation.

Your Mind is Your Medicine

Your Mind is Your Medicine
4-Week Audio Course

Learn to connect the dots between the tension in your body and unconscious stressors that control your health.

True Healing Meditations

Heal the soul and the body responds. Offered monthly, by donation.

60-Minute Medical Intuition Readings

Get insight into internal blocks that may be contributing to your current or potential health issues.

Clairvoyance for Healers - Level 1

Clairvoyance for Healers
3-Month TeleCourse

Tap into your sixth sense to see beyond your and your client’s physical body, and into the energetic nature of being.

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"This instant is the only time there is."
- A Course in Miracles

Rev. Alison Anton
Alison Anton is a clairvoyant medical intuitive and healer, who has been teaching and practicing the art of energy medicine, meditation, and spiritual healing for nearly 20 years.

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